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Roswell Scion Pure Price Solution -

Pure Price – A Definition
Pure Price means that the price you see posted – whether on a windshield, in an ad, or on a menu display in the dealership – is the price you will pay. This includes vehicles, accessories, and even finance and insurance products. All our prices are clearly posted. And if you want to buy salvage scion cars, you can check website.
Also the New Scion FR-S is released!


Model Model Code Base Price *
2016 Scion iA Automatic   $16,495.00 MSRP
2016 Scion iA Manual   $15,700.00 MSRP
2016 Scion iM Automatic   $20,535.00 MSRP
2016 Scion iM Manual   $19,385.00 MSRP

2015 Scion tC Automatic 6222 $21,130.00 MSRP
2015 Scion tC Manual 6223 $19,980.00 MSRP
2015 Scion FR-S Release Series   $32,174.00 MSRP
2015 Scion FR-S Automatic 6252 $26,770.00 MSRP
2015 Scion FR-S Manual 6253 $25,670.00 MSRP

2014 Scion tC Automatic 6222 $20,965.00 MSRP
2014 Scion tC Manual 6223 $19,965.00 MSRP
2014 Scion FR-S Automatic 6252 $25,455.00 MSRP
2014 Scion FR-S Manual 6253 $26,555.00 MSRP
Documentation Fee (charged on all Scions)   $349.00
* Scion vehicles are mono-spec, and customers can personalize their car with accessories. See the accessories section for available products. Vehicle prices include destination fee.

So, Why Use Pure Price?
Our customers told us they want a shorter, simpler process with less pressure – and we listened. With the Scion Pure Price Solution, you don’t negotiate price – or sit around the dealership waiting for someone to “crunch the numbers” or "talk to the manager." In many cases, you’ll deal with only one person for the entire transaction – start to finish. That makes it easier on you – and easier on us. We can devote more time and attention to getting you the car you want – and getting you on your way.

Benefits to You
Pure Price saves time. No one has to sit through an extended negotiation period.
You get more personal service. While your Sales Consultant may call on others for expertise as needed, he/she will handle almost the whole transaction.
Pure Price is open and consistent. What you see is what you get. No surprises. Nothing hidden.
With Pure Price, you don’t have to be a good negotiator to get a good deal.

Anything Else?
Pure Price doesn’t mean that all cars will be priced the same. For example, some vehicles may be priced differently than others because of accessories, model, etc... but the posted price is always the price you pay.